About Us

GMC - Performance Through Innovation - a Unique Company With a Track Record of Success:

  • Two fully equipped fabrication facilities.
  • AISC Certified, City of Los Angeles Certified.
  • Member of the AISC Seismic Connection Board.
  • "GMC Program" in house Logistics Control and Management Program with full time programmers on staff.
  • Command Team and Project Drivers replace traditional Project Management and Manager - Driver drives the project; Command Team Owns the Project.
  • Culture of Success
    • Commitment to drive project on behalf of clients.
    • Extremely detail oriented throughout all aspects of fabrication and management.
    • Willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and innovate.
    • Ongoing drive to continually improve.
    • High level of integrity and business ethics.
    • Everyone and everything at GMC is important.
    • Leaders in our industry.

    At GMC, we are proud of who we are and thrive on the opportunities to improve.


In 1968 at the age of 23, Jim DeBlasio started a one-man machine shop, Gayle Manufacturing and Machine Company. The Sacramento, California company provided machine shop services, tool and die work, punch press and light production manufacturing. By 1974 the business had 55 employees and was oriented to the manufacture and supply of industrial sheet metal products and systems.

By 1980 the firm had completed a number of large industrial projects across the country. The main thrust of the work was engineered systems for bulk storage and material handling. At the time, GMC provided turnkey projects for cement plants, rice mills, grain terminals and aggregate plants. A severe recession developed in the industrial markets in 1983 and GMC looked to other sources of business for the new facilities in Woodland, California.

In 1984 GMC sold its first commercial structural steel project. The facilities and equipment was well-suited for the work, but the plant had no automated structural steel equipment or systems. DeBlasio's background as a machinist and tool designer provided him with the experience and insight to develop innovative technical solutions to increase productivity. The GMC team has become accustomed to implementing sophisticated systems and equipment to achieve year to year productivity increases of 5 to 15 percent. The GMC team's commitment to innovation and change is both fun and rewarding. At GMC we see no end to the opportunities to improve.

From 1984 to today GMC has continually pursued the commercial structural steel market and in 1997 built a second facility in Boise, Idaho.

Certified AISC